My brother from a different mother.
It’s hard to explain with words what a special person you were.
A special person to laugh with me and help me find my way.
A special person who listened when I didn’t know what to do.
A special person who gave advice and helped me make it through.
A special person to those you know, helping when there’s need.
A special person to All my children and my mother too.
A special person married to my special sister and friend.
You never said goodbye, maybe I didn’t hear. That was unlike you.
Always painstaking and articulate in all you did. Never taking people for granted.

You loved me like your own sister and my household attests to this.
In our hearts you hold a place of honour and pride.
I’m proud to call you my brother in life and even in death.
You live on through the lives of those you have touched (and we are many).
Someday we shall see again in the bosom of Christ.