Dr Olubunmi Owoso – My Boss
The great orator of Yaba college of Technology- you wonder- orator? That is the man Dr Bunmi Owoso – man of many parts- who takes any assignment seriously and executes rationally and responsibly to the admiration of all. Dr Bunmi Owoso became my boss directly in 1987 after the completion of my M.Sc in the department of Food Technology and Catering studies. He was a man who respects all his staff but expects you to deliver all deliverables on time and without any blemishes. He always worked to change systems for improvement; this led to the excise of Catering studies from the amalgamated department. His love for the profession of Food Technology from inception, led to the department accommodating many sub sections. Hence the employment of staff of various areas of specialization. He coordinated the first NBTE accreditation for the department. It was with this focused vigor that he addressed any situation for success till the time of his exit as the Rector of the institution. With his style of leadership, he worked to straighten a functional relationship between the different sections of the College with delegation as the pivot for assertiveness, control and mentorship.

I express profound and deep heartfelt gratefulness to him for the care and moral support he gave me during the period of adjusting to my amputation. Dr Bunmi Owoso was diligent, focused and committed to making positive contributions in any position he found himself.
May his soul rest in peace.