The last time I spoke

The last time I spoke with Dr. O. Owoso, and his wife, was in the first week of June concerning my request for him to be one of my professional references. He graciously made some valuable edits to the supporting document I had sent for review. I expressed my gratitude for his willingness to be my reference. You can therefore imagine how horrified I was to receive a forwarded announcement of his demise, less than 3 weeks later. My first thought was that this was obviously a mistake. I immediately called, his wife (“madam” as I call her), and when I heard her voice it confirmed that the announcement was true. I broke down wailing uncontrollably and she began to console me, even in her own pain. I worked closely with Rector Dr. Owoso when I was appointed pioneer director, in 2007, of the Center for Applied Research and Technology Innovation at Yaba College of Technology. For the two years that I served under him, in that position, it would have been a daunting task but for the fact that he gave me free hand to develop the center to achieve all the objectives for setting up the center. He supported all my professional development aspirations including attending SARIMA, INORMS and WARIMA workshops and conferences outside the country.
Dr. Owoso was a kind-hearted man, a man of peace, always ready to support in any way he could. I can’t forget how he traveled all the way to my village in Delta state with his friend, Prof. Ilori, for my dad’s funeral in 2011 and gave a generous financial support. In 2015 he travelled from Nairobi, Kenya to also attend my husband’s funeral, with his wife. More recently, this June 2020, he was enthusiastic to be one of my references for employment.
My heart goes out to my friend, madam, the entire family and his loved ones. I pray that the Lord Almighty will comfort, console and preserve them.
Rest on in the bosom of our Lord, Dr. Olubunmi Owoso. You will be sorely missed.