Oh, what a sad news

Oh, what a sad news, what a shock, what a pain to read this! COVID-19, the murder of George Floyd and the consequent upheavals have kept me so busy and away from this platform. Indeed I have just taken a break to answer a phone call and to my shock a message popped up on my screen- something on Prefect Owoso, so I very curiously explored, and my heart broke! Thanks to the ECOSA platform I got reconnected with Prefect Owoso, as I used to call him, after more than 50 years. Once I came onto the ECOSA platform, saw his name, I reached out. I called him on the phone little knowing it was my last conversation with him. So busy have I been that I had not gone back to him except that I sent him a Father’s Day greeting which I have just observed he did not reply to. Perhaps he was already sick then. So sad, so painful for me. Prefect Owoso was one of the few prefects I admired a lot as a young high school boy at ECI. I learnt a lot from him, including English vocabulary. It was from him I learnt the word “frivolous” which he used in addressing an erring student (name started with N). Prefect Owoso had asked him to mount the dining table as prefects did in those days. Oh, Prefect Owoso, if only I knew it was going to be so, I would have forced myself to squeeze out time to chat with you one more time. I had promised to visit you when next I visited Nigeria. Sadly, that is not be. Prefect Owoso, nice gentleman, soft spoken yet pungent and fair-minded senior with a beautiful control of the English language. That is my memory of you. May you rest in the peaceful bosom of your creator, IJN. Amen!🙏