Dr Olubunmi Owoso was my

Dr Olubunmi Owoso was my boss for a period of 7 years having served as a member of his extended management team. He was also a personal friend and a Christian brother. He loved his job and did it with excellence anything short of that was unacceptable to him. Despite that, he was humane. I remembered vividly in 2007 when I was critically ill and was to fly out of the country, Dr Owoso showed up at the airport to give me his financial support. Little did I know the last time I would see him was at the celebration of his 70th birthday.
I commiserate with his family on this loss and encourage them to take solace in the fact that their father’s good work will live after him and they will reap it.
Goodnight my brother, on the resurrection morning we will meet to part no more
Dr Ajibike Itegboje