It was a Sunday evening, around 8.37pm, on 28th of June when I received a call from my younger brother, who has already called me several times on that day as usual that Dr. Olubunmi Owoso has passed on.

This is one of the worst news I’ve ever received lately, it broke my heart to lose you. You were such a good Man, the best among your equals. I grew up to know or hear People call each other my in law, everybody calling each other in-law. But you are very different. You used to call me Brother Wole, which means I am a Brother not an in-law and that’s how you called my Brother and Sisters too. You knew we’re younger ones to your Wife but you still address us as Brother/Sister. You were that humble.


It is really hard to come into terms that we will never see or hear from u again, but we will take consolation that you’ve gone to meet your creator. You taught me that the Razor Blade is so sharp but cannot cut a tree, the Axe is so strong but cannot cut hair. Everyone is important according to their own unique purpose. Never look down on anybody unless you’re admiring their shoe.


Death is inevitable, it is a journey that everyone must take, the question remains when, where, how. Often times we wish death wasn’t a part of life, we wish we would just stay alive on earth with our near and dear ones not dying. But unfortunately, we cannot. Our prayer is that we fulfill our days on earth and grow old before our time is up. We also pray that your soul will rest in perfect peace.


Every Member of your Wife (Jokotade) family mourns you. I do wonder if we can ever find anyone like u again, you left a hole no one can ever fill halfway. To lose you brings so much pain beyond belief, there are no words to ease our pain, our sadness and our grief.

Rector, as we always referred you; it is hard to come to terms with the fact that we will never hear from you again. Sweet memories fill me anytime we remember the advice you found pleasure in sharing with us and will forever be cherished. We found consolation in you whenever we got downhearted. Your benevolent smile lifted our hearts anytime you were near us. It’s gone now! Never to come back, oh. How sad we feel until now! You had a healing voice, which was ever heard, everyone admired your wisdom in solving complex issues any time we sought your input. You were a role model, and now we can proudly say that you left footprints in the sands of time. Rector, you were calm even when a situation seemed unbearable. Admittedly, we have lost a precious jewel; if death were stoppable, we would have stopped it coming your way.

Fare thee well Rector. You fought a good fight and won the race. You left a legacy that will be read through the generations, current and to come. You left a mark in our hearts, and nothing will ever erase it. It is indelible in our hearts.

You were a gem and will remain cherished.

Surely Rector, our love for you will remain forever.

Already missing you here, till we meet to part no more, GOOD NIGHT SIR.