You did not bid us

You did not bid us farewell. You were strong and healthy. What went wrong what happened? How can we explain it? It is painful, very painful that you had to leave us so suddenly on this side of eternity. Nevertheless there is one thought that cheers me and makes my heart glad; you won’t have to cross Jordan alone for at this moment you are walking hand-in-hand with Jesus, your Savior and Lord who has chosen to take you off at this time, to walk on the streets of gold with Him. For Him to have taken you at this time meant that two things have happened: your mansion in heaven is ready (John 14:3 NLT) and you have finished your assignment here on earth. You have lived a fulfilled life. You have done that which you came here to carry out. On our part, we will miss you. We can’t forget your contributions and interventions at crucial moments on the ‘Make Nigeria Better’ group. You believed in Nigeria and how it can and must be made better. Yes we will miss you. We will miss you in Church too. It is well because you have only gone to sleep here; free from the hustling and bustling of our earthly struggles, to wake up on the other side of eternity. While here you were a light that the Lord God Almighty allowed us to luxuriate in its brightness. Adieu my brother and friend. Be rest assured the Lord Jesus will take care of your family.