Dr Olubunmi Owoso was a great man. He had a gift that many people do not have and that is” building relationships”. I call it a gift because many people do not find it easy to build a good relationship either in marriage, at community levels, Church level and even in the larger society. God wants the people of the world to build relationships and that was why it was marriage institution that He first established. The first miracle of Jesus Christ too was at a wedding ceremony at Cana of Galilee. All these are to emphasize the importance of relationship among men and women of this fallen world. If somebody would tell me that it would be this that would take the life of my in-law, I would have bet my life that it can never happen. This man is so conscious of his health to the extent that he buys fresh oven baked bread from bakeries directly. One day he went as usual to a bakery to make his favorite selection and the bakery attendant who wanted to put the bread in a nylon blew air into the nylon to open, my in-law left the bakery without any bread. God Knows why he has called Dr. Owoso to Himself so early according to my human thinking. However the Bible says that ” The secret things belong unto the Lord our God; but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever that we may do all the words of the law”(Deut.29:29). As a child of God I believe that our brother has accomplished his mission on this planet earth and that was why he was called to eternal rest. My prayer is that we shall all meet in the kingdom that our Lord Jesus has gone to prepare for us. Rest in the bossom of the Lord.
Mofoluwake and Babatunji Oluwatominiyi.