And they do not know what tomorrow is! What are our lives except a vapour that appears for a little while and vanishes and passes away?
Our own father and brother, Dr. Olubunmi Owoso was indeed a great man! He was a rare gem, an influential man, a benefactor to many. He was a family man and an administrator per excellence!
Olubunmi Owoso was not infallible, but he was a loving, fine, gentle man. He was uncommonly human, whose humanity was not limited to his family, but extended to his friends, colleagues and the society at large.
Dr Olubunmi Owoso was loved by many who really/actually understood him and what he stood for.
I strongly believe, like what a writer said ”We all thought we knew him, but now we know that we would have liked to have known him even better and had him stay around longer.”
Olubunmi Owoso was a servant-leader who led by example, courage, enthusiasm and discipline.
My first encounter with him was in the year 2003/4 when he had to come in , used his God-given power/office to give me a space in a place.
He did everything in humility, love and sincerity of purpose.
I saw in Dr Owoso a very humble, easy going person whose actions were louder than his voices!
My family and I shall be eternally grateful to the late Dr. Olubunmi Owoso and his family.
May God Almighty continue to grant him eternal rest. Adieu dear brother, rest on till we meet on the resurrection morning to part no more.