SLEEP ON, “BRODA MI”“Broda mi”.


“Broda mi”. Even though I was not legally one of the “Broda mi” clan, he officially and expressly inducted me into the clan.

Soft spoken. He loved peace and endeavoured to make peace. He was very humble and did not have airs about apologising. An arbitrator. Always willing to assist. He celebrated with us even at a short notice. An undisputed leader and sagacious in our generation, a role he played so effortlessly.

Last time we spoke, when I said I owed him a visit, he responded that I visit after the pandemic bit. I subsequently called to discuss with him, he did not pick, he did not return my call. I sent 2(two) messages, he did not reply. Most unlike him. Then the most traumatic news which I will NEVER get over.

My Mum called him “Ayinla” and he did not mind when we jokingly did the same.

I took it for granted he will always be there. His space forever vacant.

Sleep on, my big brother. God loves you more.