I met Daddy through his

I met Daddy through his son Taiwo at a time when I had no where to stay. Daddy did not know me from Adam, did not know my parents, did not know where I was from but housed me for a year that I spent in Nigeria. Fed me, transported me when I needed it. He was instrumental in me keeping my head firmly on the ground during one of the most important parts of my life. When I was leaving, Daddy even gave me money to see me off on my way – I was shocked to the bone. This man did not know me from Adam. His calmness, his care and kindness, his generosity, his hunger for people – even the one’s he does not know – around him to do well will never be lost on me. Heaven has gained a shining star. He did not need to say a word and I would know that this man actually cared for me as much as he did his own son. Hearing of his passing affected me as deeply as I would have lost my own Father. May his soul rest in perfect peace and may the family he has left behind reap the fruits of his kindness. He will never be forgotten.