A Farewell to my Primary

A Farewell to my Primary School Classmate – Dr. Olubunmi Owoso
Your death came as a rude shock to me. There is lot to say about you and I could write a whole book about you, but space and time will not permit me, so I have no choice than to be brief.
We met in All Saints Primary School Osogbo in 1956 as new intakes into Primary One. Mr. Ofrey was our Headmaster and his son too was in our class. We were about the youngest and smallest in the class. We were “running mates” with respect as to who would come first at the end of each term. But we lost contact in December 1959 when I had to move to Akure to complete my Primary school Education due to family obligations.
I recall in exact detail what happened when we met again face to face in Yaba Tech after so many years when you were the Rector there. I came for NBTE program that took place in Yaba Tech because I was also working at The Polytechnic, Ibadan and was Dean Faculty of Science. The first statement you made while delivering your speech as the host was to welcome your long-lost classmate. I was highly elated when you told me about my progress in life since we parted in 1959. You were an incredible personality. We kept in touch ever since and you remained my loyal friend throughout. You sent me personal messages in all the land mark events that took place in my life while you outside the country.
I say without mincing words that you made a success of your tenure as Yaba Tech Rector and Secretary General of CAPA (Commonwealth Association of Technical Universities and Polytechnics in Africa). Your leadership style coupled with your high sense of humour and humility remains a challenge to those of us still alive. You were a bundle of humility and joy. No one could be sad around you because you always radiated joy that came from within and nothing about you was artificial. The memory of your simple, unassuming life of truth and integrity remains indelible. You left your own mark on the sand of time.
We love you but God loves you best. Sleep well, dear classmate and brother till we meet to part no more at the feet of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. May the Almighty God grant you eternal rest and look after your children and widow.
Adieu Olubunmi. Farewell classmate!
Good night
Prof Mrs. Adenike Osofisan