” There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even _after they have gone , the light remains”-Unknown

The unknown author of the above quote never knew our dear senior at college, Felix Olubunmi Owoso, however the soundbite aptly described the life of our beloved Senior Owoso, who indeed had left behind a shinning light and legacy amongst the people who at one time or the other interacted with him while he was here with us in this divide.

In as much as we miss him dearly, his memory shall continue to linger in our hearts, celebrate his life we shall, because he lived an accomplished life and impacted on his immediate and larger society. A life without an impact is no life, a positive impact for that matter. And this was his trademark in all his stations of life.

Prefect Owoso, as he was widely known while schooling at Egbado College, Ilaro, (1967-68), was a fair-minded,soft-spoken and focused senior student of our noble college. He came to the school for his HSC (Higher School Certificate), course in 1967 from Ogbomoso Grammar School, Ogbomoso, Oyo State, and within his first year in the school endeared himself to the school authorities to have been appointed a prefect in an institution with entrenched traditional values.He discharged himself admirably and lived up to the expectations of the school authorities. As a prefect he was a mentor to many of his juniors and a model to his peers. He was well known for discipline and he would not tolerate errant behaviour from unruly juniors. His spoken English was a showcase whenever he stood up at the dinning hall to address students. Senior Owoso loved ECI with a passion. After graduating from the school he was very prominent in the old students association, (ECOSA).He attended meetings and contributed significantly with his talents and treasure.

According to another old student of the college, Rev’d Benny Merriman-Johnson,Prefect Owoso once advised him not to call him “Senior” now that Rev’d. Merriman-Johnson had become a man of God, because he (Owoso) devolved all respects to God’s anointed. What an exemplary show of humility!

William Shakespeare, the British bard and literary legend wrote in his iconic book, Julius Ceasar;”When beggars die, there are no comets seen, The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes”. The entire membership of the Egbado College llaro Old Students Association ,(ECOSA),celebrate the life and times of one of us who has gone to be with the Lord with a fervent prayer that his soul be acceptable in His sight and strengthen the immediate family relations and friends with the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.