Olubunmi, in course of my first meeting with you about 10 years ago, I recalled the story of the Greek philosopher Digonese of Sinope, who was said to have held a lantern in the faces of men mid-afternoon in Athens claiming he was searching for men of integrity and honour. How rare it is to find men of integrity and honour and of a loving heart like you. It gladdened me a few times I was opportuned to talk about you in close circles in your immediate past life. Yes indeed, you were not an angel, yet I scan the horizon in vain in search of words to convey apt description of you other than I would an angel in human body.

Olubunmi, you were a good man, disciplined, and transcended the binds of social consciousness. You held on to your personal values and did not look away from the face of God. Your actions, smiles, voice tones and measured words and language structure uplifted all around you. Little wonder your world is a happy and cheerful environment. The gaze of your eyes conveyed sincerity and love. You were exemplary. The immediate family you left behind, and friends remain confident and assured you would have an enabled passage in the inner worlds where you now belong.

Adieu! Our dear friend.